The Resource Lab considers itself as a substantial module in the networking strategy of the University of Augsburg. It connects economic and natural science chairs, cooperates with intra- and non-university research centers as well as ministries, industry companies and foundations.

Chair of Production & Supply Chain Management

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Chair of Resource Strategy


Institute of Materials Resource Management


Environmental Science Center


Fraunhofer Project Group Materials Recycling and Resource Strategy


Environmental Management and Sustainability

Production- and Resource Management

  • ​Implementation of sustainable value and production chains based on simulation and optimization tools
  • ​Design of circular economy systems (reuse, remanufacturing, recycling)
  • ​Techno-economical evaluation of recycling and environmental protection technologies

Resource Strategy

  • Design of sustainable energy systems
  • Criticality assessments of strategic raw materials
  • ​Resource flows and production chains (with focus on mineral and metallic raw materials as well as energy)

Sustainability Management and Corporate Social Responsibility